Metal, granite and marble vases that add beauty to your monument.

Easily Decorate a Memorial

Beautiful Addition to any Monument

Secure Installation

Add Beauty Year Round

Families often want to leave flowers in memory of their loved one and to add a bit of beauty to the grave, but do not want to or are not able to plant flowers at the gravesite. Unfortunately, flowers left laying in front of the grave often have to be removed by cemetery staff as they mow and care for the grounds.

Monument vases provide a way to easily decorate your loved one’s memorial without any mess or worry that the flowers will be moved.

How it Works


Select Your Style

Choose from a metal, granite or marble style vase for your upright monument.


Order Your Vase

You can order your vase online or by calling our office at 419-468-3477.


Decorate Your Monument

Once your vase is installed you can easily decorate your loved one’s monument with flowers anytime of the year.

Add Extra Beauty with a Monument Vase

We are proud to offer our families a selection of metal, granite and marble vases to add to their upright monument. We provide vase installation service to guarantee they are installed securely without any damage to your existing monument.

Each vase includes a “weep hole” to allow any rain water to easily drain, protecting the vase in the weather. All vases come equipped with a plastic liner for seasonal planting. The liner can hold water for fresh-cut flowers, but you will want to be sure to remove during the winter months as they can freeze and damage the vase.

Metal vases can be installed within 30 days of order. Granite and marble vases can be installed within 45-60 days of order.