Pet Markers

Pet Markers

Granite and concrete memory tributes for your pets.

Quality Materials

Custom Design Options

Easy to Install

Pets are Family

We understand that pets are beloved members of the family. So when your pet dies it feels like losing a family member, except there is often nowhere to visit to remember and honor them. Animals bring incredible joy and comfort to life. They don’t deserve to be forgotten.

Create Your Custom Pet Marker


Select Your Style

Choose from a selection of granite and concrete shapes and colors that perfectly represent your pet.


Customize Your Design

Include your pet’s name, a quote (up to 40 characters) or even an image of your pet to create a tribute that honors their memory.


Remember Your Pet

It’s easy to install your custom pet marker in your yard or garden to create a place to remember your pet for decades.

Create a Place to Remember Anywhere

Not all memorial tributes are found in a cemetery. Sometimes you are unable to visit your loved one’s grave and need a place at home to remember them. Other times you want to dedicate a place they always loved. A granite or concrete garden marker is the perfect way to create a special place to remember their life beyond the cemetery.