Monument Repair & Restoration

Monument Repair & Restoration

Comprehensive repair and restoration services for individual and public memorials.

Fix Leaning Monuments

Repair Monument Chipping

Restore Broken Monuments

Don’t Stand for a Broken Memorial

Is your monument…

  • Leaning to one side?
  • Fallen over?
  • Damaged from a storm?
  • Cracked or chipped?

If so, our team of trained memorial craftsmen can help restore your memorial to its rightful glory.

How it Works


Meet with Us

We will review the damage to your monument and discuss possible solutions to restore it to its rightful glory.


We’ll Get to Work

Our team of trained memorial craftsmen use industry best practices and equipment to ensure your monument is repaired correctly.


Be Amazed at the Results

Often you’ll find it’s like the monument was never damaged in the first place!

Ensure Their Legacy Stands Tall

A monument is meant to honor a life lived or a sacrifice given and to provide a place of healing and remembrance for those remaining. When a monument is damaged the sacred place the monument represents is damaged as well. We believe all monuments and the stories and lives they represent deserve to stand tall forever.

Our team of memorial craftsmen are expertly trained to repair and restore monuments of all styles and sizes. Whether your foundation needs replaced, your monument is in multiple pieces or you need a chip repaired, we can help.

We provide repair and restoration services on both public and personal monuments, even if they were not originally manufactured by Longstreth Memorials.